2009 Bobst Expert Cut 106-LER

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: Bobst

Machine: Expert Cut 106-LER

Year: 2009

Availability: 3-6 Months


  • Smart feeder 
  • Machine compatible with HIGHWAY TDF-VIEW system. 
  • Centerline system for quick job changes 
  • Electronic sheet flow control 
  • Adjustable centering on the stripper and on the delivery 
  • Control cabinet air conditioning 
  • Several automated functions to assist the machine operator 
  • including: 
  • Controlled machine stop after request failure (allows the in to process the sheet in the machine without interference). 
  • Feeding a sheet from the feeder to the stripping station 
  • Checking the punching I creasing. 
  • Feeding a sheet into the stripping or blanking station for 
  • Check the tool position, if necessary. 
  • Programmed machine stop for equipment replacement 
  • (Change of job). 
  • Bobst-Electronic machine operating system C.U.B.E. 3 (Control Unit Bobst Electronic) with touch screen. 
  • The central Bobst C. U.B.E. 3 control enables that 
  • Machine operators, the machine functions and elements of the machine 
  • easy to understand with the help of various menus, to retrieve and to supervise. 
  • Main drive by frequency-controlled asynchronous motor 


The Smart-feeder includes:

  • Independent feeder controlled by an electric shaft. 
  • Optical page register control. 
  • Automatic lateral stack correction (+/- 40 mm) controlled by the optical side register. 
  • Automatic synchronization device for optimal application of the Bow to the front lays. 
  • Electronic deceleration device (3rd Speeds for placing the sheets on the front lays). 
  • Infinitely variable stroke of the stacking plate to keep the Stack height. 
  • Adjustable side blower 
  • Suction head with multiple adjustment options. 



  • Movable crucible with short stroke and cam drive. 
  • Cam-controlled crucible movement allows an arch transfer with 
  • lower acceleration and deceleration. 
  • Crucible with constant parallelism over the entire pressure range. 
  • Upper crucible with vacuum. 
  • Grapple reopening device. 
  • Automatic centering and locking of the locking frame and the Production plate. 
  • Adjustable centering for the base plate (+/- 0.9 mm). 
  • Block the closing frame against the upper crucible. 
  • Measure the punching force with a tension gauge. 
  • Motorized adjustment of the punching force. 
  • By push button. 
  • Base plate made of synthetic material. 
  • 12 mm thick. 
  • A set of 5 thin plates, 1 mm thick 
  • 1 Upper quick release clamping frame: screwed base plate (E-3) 
  • Base plate, 2 mm thick, with a synthetic protective plate, 1 mm thick. 
  • 1 compensation plate (E-5) 4 mm thick. This ground steel plate is for the Use of thin punched sheets necessary. Favorable for Repeat jobs. 


Stripping Station

  • Middle drawer frame with quick release. 
  • Integrated quick tool system 
  • BOBST Integrated quick release device for a machined upper 
  • Break-out tool. 
  • Adjustable centering for the upper, middle and lower Stripping tool. 
  • 1 Fastening material for the top stripping form for quick clamping 
  • Allows a wood breakout mold to be attached to the machine 
  • Integrated upper quick release device. 
  • 1 fastening material for the stripping board on the central frame with quick release 
  • 1 lower drawer frame 
  • 1 lower breakout equipment 
  • Waste removal equipment with support bars and telescopic pins. 



  • Automatic separator sheet inserter with drawer sheet magazine and electrical control of the sheet supply. 
  • Depending on the format of the intermediate sheets, the necessary transport suction device activated. 
  • Constant lowering of the stack. 
  • Step-less lowering movement of the pile support plate with constant Stack-high control. 
  • Automatic pallet changing device. 
  • Automatic non-stop rake. 
  • Safety device for the stack lifting movement. 
  • Waste transport carpet for the gripper edge or the rest of the grid. 
  • BSSR - integrated quick release device for a finished upper Depaneling tool. 
  • Adjustable centering for the upper and lower Depaneling tool. 
  • Lower drawer frame with fastening material 
  • Allows a blanking mold to be attached to the integrated upper quick / clamping device.

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