Meet Advanced Print Technologies Leadership:

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    Fred Goldwyn

    Vice President of Sales

    Fred Goldwyn, one of APT’s “Answer Men”, who will put his 40 years of industry knowledge to work for you. Call it “Old School” but for straight answers and advice on your hunt for Graphics Machinery, Fred will tap into the top network of national and worldwide machinery opportunities.

    His knowledge is available to make the best Value recommendations to fit your budget and requirements.

    Further, APT knows of opportunities before they are out on the market, so we will give you the Edge.

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    Frank Fruciano

    Vice President of Business Development

    Frank became a partner at APT in 2009 and has leveraged his OEM sales management experience with both Komori and Mitsubishi to be a valuable partner at APT. Frank’s roots began with his family business in Phoenix selling graphic arts supplies and machinery. His 23 years of capital equipment experience has been a tremendous asset to the company. Frank was always one of the top performers with his previous employment and continues to be at APT. Frank is an icon in the industry and APT is proud to have him a part of the group.

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    Frederick T. Moss

    Vice President of Marketing

    Fred Moss may be of the ‘older school’ generation but his attitude, energy and overall persona would match up more closely with someone just graduating from college. One conversation with Fred and just his positivity alone will have you ready to run through walls by the time you’re done. Fred’s unique and deep knowledge of printing stems from having been exposed to all facets of the industry including running his own printing operation in the Boston area for over 25 years. As a commercial printing owner, Fred gained a complete and total understanding of not only the manufacturing process of print but became very well oriented with all the various functional departments of printing and the respective equipment that goes with each of those departments. Whether it is pre-press, pressroom or bindery/finishing machinery Fred knows the technical aspect of the equipment inside and out. This has resulted in Fred becoming quite the asset for APT. Fred has played a major role in growing APT into becoming the industry leader in both appraisal services for printing machinery as well as the largest printing plant auctioneer and liquidator in the US.

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    Greg Schonfeldt

    Business Development

    The newest member to the APT team, Greg is based out of Atlanta and brings with him 16 years of experience in the industry. Greg possesses an excellent global track record and extensive international network of reliable machinery suppliers. He excels in tailoring pre-owned machinery solutions, leveraging vast knowledge of the many machinery manufacturers and products.

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    Ike Covin

    Sales Executive

    Ike is the front line contact for any / all requirements of this most important area of activity at APTPressDirect. He brings his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge base of Printing Equipment & Machiniery Sales, along with a “Can Do” attitude to bear on solving problems and finding creative solutions for our customers and associates, as well as any visitor to APTPressDirect who needs assistance. His role is critical to our mission of matching the right equipment to the situation at hand and he fulfills that role with professionalism and respect for the specific needs of customers or website visitors. Anyone who reaches out to Ike will quickly find that he will do his utmost to deliver on that mission.