Orderly Liquidations

Orderly Liquidations

APT is the only US-based accredited appraiser for printing equipment, and we’re ready to give you the most accurate evaluation of your machines’ value.

Liquidation Services: Here Is What You Need to Know

The purpose of a company liquidation is to sell assets. At the end of the process, the business may be officially closed and no longer exist. The steps that a company must take will depend on what type of liquidation it is and whether the company moved willingly to be placed into liquidation or was forced into it by creditors. To best protect your interests, it is a smart idea to consult with your attorney or tax specialist for professional advice before you begin the process.

Voluntary liquidation permits for a planned, orderly winding-up or dissolution of the business. Assets can be sold with more involvement from the company’s owners and directors.

APT’s Liquidation Services

If your company is facing a liquidation decision, APT can provide comprehensive, experienced auction liquidation services to assist you through the process. Along with our auction partner Thomas Industries, we work meticulously to ensure that you will obtain the maximum value, whether you are liquidating your entire company, or just a portion of your printing equipment assets. With many, many years in the business, we have the expertise to handle any size of liquidation or auction, from individual pieces of your equipment portfolio to your entire plant.

With our large database of potential buyers, we can directly reach out to our close industry contacts and personally invite them to participate. Along with our partner Thomas Industries, we run a proprietary auction platform and our online technologies connect you with qualified buyers from all over the world.

Our Auction Liquidation Services Offer Quick Results

We understand that time is of the essence, and we can complete the entire liquidation process in as little as 60 days. Our auctions are well organized and efficiently run from start to finish. We know that good communication is vital to the success of the transaction and our goal is to maximize your returns and ensure a positive bidding experience.

Our Auction Liquidation Services Include:

Conducting a comprehensive inventory, inspection, and appraisal of all machinery and equipment for sale.

Keeping large and heavy pieces of equipment in their current locations, still hooked up to power and/or water, so bidders can see the equipment running.

Arranging and displaying smaller, movable items neatly, often on pallets.

Creating and grouping items together to offer the best value to the bidder.

Detailed cataloging of items to be auctioned by recording, tagging, and photographing.

Providing an accurate valuation of your assets as a starting point.

Managing a well-organized auction of your assets, from start to finish.

What Is the Difference Between an Orderly Liquidation Sale and Auction Sale?

If your company is faced with the need to recover assets, you have few options. The most common ways to recover assets are with liquidation sales and auction sales.

Understanding the distinction between these two types of sales can help you make the right decision, whether it is looking to sell individual pieces equipment, or the entire equipment portfolio.

Orderly Liquidations

A liquidation sale is the process of selling the assets of your business in an orderly fashion over a longer time period in order to achieve values that are close to the appraised value as represented by a certified appraiser. Liquidation sales can be compared to store closings, when a store sells its remaining inventory prior to closing. In industrial liquidation sales, the seller often reviews offers and negotiates prices for the assets that are put up for sale which may be sold over the course of weeks and months.

The Benefits of Orderly Liquidation Sales Are:

The main benefit is time: more time to conduct the sale, more time to find the best buyers.

Longer selling time, giving sellers the time to find the right buyer, which can often result in higher prices.

Sellers can review multiple offers, taking the time to decide which one works for them.

Negotiation on the part of the buyer and the seller is the main driving force in determining what an asset sells for.

Liquidation works better for more specialized or unique printing equipment as often times there are limited buyers, and a liquidation sale gives us the time to track down those buyers.

One interesting aspect of an orderly liquidation sale is that it can often turn into an auction sale after the larger, more expensive items sell through an orderly liquidation process, the smaller pieces of equipment and other items which are left over are often sold at auction. This is an effective way to sell off assets from a printing plant after the larger items have been sold and removed.

Auction Sales

Auctions are often the opposite of liquidation sales; in that they take place very quickly from start to finish. In an auction sale, the printing equipment is simply sold to the highest bidder.

The Benefits of Auction Sales Are:

Auction sales are quick, from start to finish. The auction agreement, the set-up of the equipment, the auction itself, and the clean-up can take only weeks, or a few months.

Effective marketing can improve the outcome because it will get potential bidders interested in the assets.

Online technologies can attract bidders from all over the world.

Auction Sales Have Drawbacks

Assets might not always sell for the price expected. Competition among bidders is what determines an item’s selling price, but there may not be enough competition to drive a price up.

Deciding Between a Liquidation Sale or Auction Sale

Both types of sale can work well to help you maximize the value of your idle or surplus equipment. In choosing, which is right for your business, consider what needs you have. If you want to find a specific buyer for your equipment and have time to spare, an orderly liquidation sale might work best for you. If time is of the essence and you need a quick recovery, an auction sale might better fit your needs.

How to Convert Assets into Cash – Know the Facts

As a business strategy, it is important to know when and how to convert assets into cash. While liquidating assets is an essential part of bankruptcy procedures, companies also use liquidation to free up cash, even in the absence of financial hardship. Generally, the primary reasons to liquidate are to get rid of surplus or idle assets, to obtain additional working capital, or to pay off creditors. Another critical reason may be an owner’s desire for an exit strategy for retirement purposes or to end a partnership. An owner may also decide to sell his book of business to another company who doesn’t want or need the equipment – because of our knowledge base, APT excels in these instances, often exceeding an owner;s expectations.

Before you begin any of these procedures, consult with your attorney and accountant or a professional tax advisor to help you through the process. Moreover, if you intend to liquidate assets to satisfy creditors, you may need to obtain their consent to do so.

Convert Assets into Cash – Optimize Your Results

There is a process to convert assets into cash in order to get optimal results. First you need to do a thorough inventory and evaluation of all the assets you wish to liquidate. Compile detailed information regarding the original purchase price, age, and condition of the asset, along with quality photos. Do not forget to include records on warranties as well as repair and maintenance history. APT can provide all these services to you including the most important first step of obtaining a certified equipment appraisal.

Next, we will consider how to market your assets to best achieve the liquidity you need. An As mentioned, an orderly liquidation sale is a process of selling assets in an orderly manner over a period of time, with the goal of realizing higher values that are closer to the true value of the assets. This is where marketing can improve the outcome because typically ther is no bidding.

Strategies to Convert Assets into Cash to Realize Maximum Value Include:

Consider listing your equipment with APT - a leading industry specialist that has the resources and expertise to address your asset disposition needs. This not only minimizes the organizational disruption, but it also takes advantage of our expertise and experience to help maximize your returns.

We will find buyers for your equipment by reaching out to our industry contacts, including equipment dealers, your competitors, and suppliers.

For equipment that is old, worn out or damaged, consider selling it for scrap value, or donating it to charity (if possible) for a tax deduction.

APT’s Printing Equipment Experts and Auctioneers Are Seasoned professionals

APT’s printing equipment experts and auctioneers are all seasoned professionals, and our auctions are exceptionally well organized. As a privately held equipment dealer and re- seller, we focus on buying and selling printing equipment and facilities. Our decades of experience will allow us to assist with selling your entire equipment portfolio from on every continent in the world. APT and Thomas Industries will deliver a level of personal service and attention that truly makes a difference. Our team of industry experts work together to evaluate, market, and sell your asset assets with the goal of realizing the maximum value for each individual item. APT’s asset appraisal services provide accurate valuations, and our appraisal reports are based on our vast experience in the field with actual individual item sales, as well as auction sales.

An APT project manager will oversee your project from start to finish to ensure that everything is done to your specific instructions. Our systems are designed to begin promoting the sale of your assets the moment our agreement to work on your behalf is confirmed. Our marketing is customized for each sale and combines a powerful and mix of advanced media methods: online ad buys, social networking sites, email campaigns, display ads, direct mail, and more. Beyond media promotions, we directly reach out to our closest industry contacts and personally invite them to participate.

We have professional staff and the financial ability to conduct sakes of any size on behalf of our clients:

A dedicated sales team that can launch an aggressive selling campaign.

Detailed item photos on APTpressdirect.com within 36 hours for immediate on- line discovery.

A large, refined database for quick marketing to a targeted worldwide audience, using a blend of traditional media and digital marketing.

Certified Equipment Appraiser Frederick T. Moss

Fred Moss’s unique and deep knowledge of printing stems from having been exposed to all facets of the industry, including running his own printing operation in the Boston area for more than 25 years. As a Certified Equipment Appraiser, Fred uses his complete and total understanding for the manufacturing processes of printing to effectively evaluate the machinery that APT’s clients own.

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