Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take trace-ns?

Yes, we will evaluate and appraise your trade so that you understand its true cash value. When purchasing a machine through us, you may use the cash value as part of the transaction.

How do I get the machine relocated to my facility?

Relocation is highly important aspect of purchasing a machine, and APT is recognized for the level of care taken when managing this process. We maintain certifications, factory training and equipment insurance to get the job done right, and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our service. Because of the unique aspects of every transaction contact us directly to explore what kinds of costs would likely pertain to your transactional needs. Learn more about our relocation services.

Coordination - When is the machine available?

Machine availability is variable. Please check the machine listing or speak with our team to determine when the machine you have interest in is available.

Storage Costs?

Depending on the specifics of your transaction, including when you are ready to accept a machine and other details, storage fees may apply. Contact us directly to discuss storage fee and logistics.

Do you buy for inventory?

Yes, we regularly invest in machines for inventory. If you have a machine that you think would interest us please let us know here.

Are the machines on your website owned by you? Do you have control of the machines?

Every machine on our website is either owned by APT or under APT’s control.

Can I lease machinery?

Yes, leasing arrangements are available. You can learn about our financing options by contacting our dedicated team here.

Do you operate in other countries?

Yes, we do business globally.

Which markets do you work in?

Some of the markets we cater to include commercial printing, digital printing, packaging and finishing.

Where is APT located?

APT’s main office is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, but we buy and sell print machinery globally.