2012 KBA RA 145-7+L CX SPC SIS ALV3 (sold)

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: KBA

Machine: RA 145-7+L CX SPC SIS ALV3

Year: 2012

Availability: Immediately

Colors: Seven

Impressions: 95 million (approx.)

Coater: Yes

Sheet Size: 41" x 57"

  • Max size 106 x 145 cm
  • Chamber duct system Harris + Bruno
  • CX equipment for cardboard (up to 1.2mm)
  • Ink remote control ColorTronic
  • QualiTronic Color Control - inline color density control
  • QualiTronic Live View
  • QualiTronic PSO Match- color control by PSO standard
  • ErgoTronic Professional
  • ErgoTronic ICR- integrated camera register
  • ErgoTronic Color control
  • ErgoTronic Lab
  • Wallscreen
  • DriveTronic SPC- simulataneous plate change
  • DriveTronic Plate Ident
  • Fully automatic plate change FAPC
  • SFC- simultaneous form change with sleeve-anilox roller in coating unit
  • VARIDAMP Delta film dampenings
  • Ink unit temperature control
  • Combi cooling unit Baldwin CombiLiner (water cooled)
  • SIS sensoric infeed without sidelays
  • Ultra sonic double sheet control
  • Automatic pallet logistic system in feeder and delivery
  • De-clutchable inking units
  • CleanTronic automatic washing devices
  • Grafix powedermax sprayer
  • Powder absorbing
  • EES- Emission extraction system
  • IR/TL dryer KBA VariDry blue (water cooled)
  • Machine raised 420mm
  • Approx. 95 mil imps
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