2000 Bobst Alpina Folder / Gluer


2000 Bobst Alpina Folder / Gluer


2000 Bobst Alpina 110-A3 folder/gluer w/ HHS Xtendz 3 glue system equipped as follows: Long seam - folding bottom - 4+6 point gluing - electronic top gluing unit HHS X tend - 8 channel with 4 application heads - high pressure with pinball ejector control and code reader - disc lower glue unit on the left - electronic overtaking fold with servos - Feeder with vibrator and dedicated drive module - Vacuum at feeder - Feeder strap quick adjustment - Alignment of the blank to the right and left after the feeder - 1 additional belt transport stations in the alignment - Front breaker right and left - Kicker - Counter - bobst cube control - digital position displays - 2 x motorized additional station for folding tool - vacuum at overtaking fold - additional lowerable lower middle station in fold - additional upper middle station in fold - motorized lower transfer station - Bobst Flipper ejector in transport station - video surveillance on the press line - pneumatic - clocked press belt - In 2019 the HHS Gluing was modified - XTEND3 8 channel Gluing control - Touch screen - Module for supervising of Gluing-nozzles - Code-reading module  with color-code reader - Gluing-Wheel control module with “microwave”-sensor  - T&E Module for control of the Bobst Flipper


ModelAlpina 110-A3 folder/gluer
Sheet size110