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Packaging Graphics 2-Day Online Auction Weds. / Thurs. January 16 / 17, 2019, 1:00 PM (ET) (sold)

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: Bobst

Machine: 2005 Bobst Mistral 110 A2 CS Folder/Gluer

Year: 2005

Availability: Immediately

Colors: N/A

Impressions: N/A

Coater: N/A

Sheet Size: A2

Auction: Packaging Graphics 2-Day Online Auction Weds. / Thurs. January 16 / 17, 2019, 1:00 PM (ET)

Location: Packaging Graphics 60 Delta Drive Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860 USA

Date: 2019-01-16

Time: First Lot Closes: Wednesday, January 16, 1:00 PM (ET).

Type: On-Line

Weds. / Thurs, January 16 / 17, 2019, 1:00 PM (ET) 

Packaging Graphics

2-Day Online Auction
Multi-Million Dollar Offering, Complete Plant Closure of Major Packaging Printer, Including: Bobst Die Cutters & Folder Gluers, Sheet Fed Printing Presses, Complete Bindery, Sheeters, Thermoforming Machines, CTP System, Haas CNC Machining Centers, Packaging Machines, Forklifts, Air Compressors, Large Offering of Plant Support, etc.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island - USA

  • Bobst Die Cutter Model SP 104-ER Autoplaten, S/N 0578-037-05 (New 1998), 250-Ton, Stripping, Blanking, 8,000 Sheets/Hour, Vacuum Pile Feeder, Chain Delivery Stacker, PLC Controls

  • Bobst Die Cutter Model SP 102-CERII Autoplaten, S/N 0591-025-05 (New 1993), 250-Ton, Stripping, Blanking, 9,000 Sheets/Hour, Vacuum Pile Feeder, Chain Delivery Stacker, PLC Controls

  • Bobst Die Cutter Model SP 103-ER Autoplaten, S/N 0578-004-01 (New 1993), 250-Ton, Stripping, Blanking, 7,500 Sheets/Hour, Vacuum Pile Feeder, Chain Delivery Stacker

  • Original Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutter Model SBB S/N 30901, 22.5" X 32.25"

  • Bobst Folder/Gluer Model Mistral 110- A2-CS, S/N 0356-033-02 (New 2005), Max Box Size: 42-5/16" X 21", Max Thickness: 15/32", 4 & 6 Corner Boxes w/Auto Lock Bottom Capability, Continuous Feed, Finger Ejector/Flipper, HHS 8-Channel 4-Gun Hot Glue System, 4-Photo Eye Low Pressure Quality Control System

  • Bobst Folder/Gluer Model Expertfold 110-A2, S/N BSA0352000029 (New 2009), Straight Line Folder/Gluer, Leary Glue System, 2-Sided Tape Application System, Compression Conveyor

  • Bobst Folder/Gluer Model Media 100/II-A2, S/N 0341-152-05 (New 2003), High Speed Straight Line Folder/Gluer, Max Box Size: 39-3/8" W X 23-5/8" L, Leary #LS-916-3 Hot Glue System S/N 18661

  • Marquip 56" Sheeter #QW016PG (New 1998), Dual Scissor Knife Sheeter, Max Roll Width: 56", Min Roll Width: 21”, Max Coil Dia: 60”, Double Roll Stand 

  • Maxson Sheeter, S/N 5197E, Single Knife Rotary Sheeter, Single Roll Capacity

  • Heibert & Schroder Window Machine Model WP1100MATIC (EF11/2-M),S/N 5756 (New 2006), w/Stacker #AS1400 S/N 5710

  • Komori 8-Color Sheet Fed Printing Press Model L-840, S/N 117 (New 1995), 292 Million Impressions, 28" X 40", Tower Coater, Extended Delivery, Britcan 3-Lamp UV Drying System in Delivery, Interdeck UV Drying System W/ (3) Movable Lamps, APC, ABW, Komorimatic Dampening, PQC Remote Ink And Register Console, Electro Sprayer Delux 40 Powder Spray, (4) Royse Space Saver Recirculators, Tri-Service Chiller/Heater, Industrial Cooling System Chiller, Komori APC Plate Bender

  • Fuji Javellin CTP System Model PT-R8800III, S/N 101133 (New 2010)

  • Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher Model Primera C130, S/N MMZO-1770149 (New 2012), 13,000/Hour, 7-Pockets #0379-0401, (3) Cover Feeders #1528-0425, 3-Knife Trimmer w/ 4th & 5th Knives, Scrap Removal Conveyor, Muller Martini Apollo Stacker

  • Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher Model 335, S/N 91-01222, 7 Pocket Feed Stations #3306, (2) Cover Feed Station #1529, 3-Knife Trimmer, Scrap Removal Conveyor, Stahl Delivery #VSA-M-66

  • Much, Much More - too  much to list


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