2017 Bobst Nova Cut 106-E

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: Bobst

Machine: Nova Cut 106-E

Year: 2017

Availability: Immediately

  • Centerline system for quick job changeover
  • Control Unit Bobst Electronic (CUBE 3) w/ color touch screen
  • Main motor with frequency converter control
  • Side blowers adjustable with centerline marks
  • Measurement of the cutting force w/ strain gauge on platen
  • Pile tray w/ handle allowing manual lateral correction of the pile during production
  • Synchronization device timing the sheet arrival against the front lays when the machine is at standstill
  • Pile lifting controlled by pressfoot
  • OS and OOS pile guides
  • Suction unit
  • Feed table covered with an anti-static stainless steel plate
  • Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps
  • Feed table with (4) front lays, adjustable in pairs with front register control
  • Feed table with ‘pull’ guide (OS) adjustable according to centerline marks w/ side register control
  • Feed table with upper frame manual lifting device
  • Feed table with upper transport equipment for paper, paperboard, and corrugated board
  • Feed table w/ transport belts (w/ lateral guidance and automatic tensioning system)
  • Feed table with double sheet detector
  • Feed table with support plates at entry of platen station
  • Gripper re-opening device on platen
  • Equipment for centering and locking on platen
  • Automatic locking of the chase against the upper beam on platen
  • Quick locking device of the central stripping board on waste stripping station
  • Motorized lifting of the upper frame on waste stripping station
  • Adjustable centering at stripping station
  • Pile tray in delivery
  • Front jogger in delivery
  • Adjustable rear and side joggers with centerline marks in delivery
  • Braking brush in delivery
  • Nonstop delivery with grill
  • (1) 5mm cutting plate
  • (1) upper stripping pull-out frame quick lock device
  • Electronic device for sheet travel control
  • Control cabinet cooling unit
  • (1) lower stripping pull-out frame
  • (1) Upper chase with quick locking: Fixed bottom plate
  • Approx. 4,500 running hours

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