2015 Komori GL840P+CX w/ H-UV

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: Komori

Machine: GL840P+CX w/ H-UV

Year: 2015

Availability: Immediately

Colors: Eight

Impressions: 45 million

Coater: Yes

Sheet Size: N/A

  • Komori KHS-AI: Advanced, self-adaptive multi-inking system, inking and automatic control of printing parameters
  • PQC-S: console for ink, axial, circumferential diagonal remote control
  • KMS V: Komori Monitoring System 
  • KID: Wide Screen Komori for operative information connected to KHS-AI and PDC-SX 
  • PDC-SX (integrated type): Auto Tracking Spectrophotometer included register adjusting control 
  • AMR (Automatic Make Ready): automatic preset for pressure, size format, AutoPlate, ink
  • Suction belt on feeder
  • Perfecting 4/4
  • Tower coater
  • Ultrasonic double-sheet control 
  • Blower ionizators on feeder 
  • Antistatic on feeder 
  • Electromechanic sheet control
  • Komorimatic dampening
  • Dampening roller with reduced peripheral speed 
  • Technotrans Beta.c 280G (H2O) ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration + Automix
  • Inks disconnect device in all the units 
  • Hybrid rollers 
  • Inking unit with remote distributor-roller adjustment
  • FAPC fully automatic plate change 
  • Plate cylinders with anti-rust treatment
  • Double diameter impression cylinders with anti-rust treatment
  • Blanket cylinders with anti-rust treatment
  • Solid transfer cylinders
  • 8/0; 4/4 Fully Automatic perfecting device
  • Movable interdeck on 4 positions (2-3, 3-4, 7-8, 8-C) 
  • All wash-up device automatic
  • Varnishing unit, Tresu chambered doctor blade system, washers-registers and thickness material remote control with no. 3 anilox rollers
  • TRESU Coating Circulator 
  • Lock/unlock clamps of blanket on the varnishing unit without using tools 
  • IR/HOT AIR GraphiSet4 IVT Baldwin dryer 
  • Extended delivery 2 meters
  • Anti-shadows grippers in delivery
  • Antistatic in delivery 
  • H-UV Baldwin dryer (1 lamp H-UV in delivery + 1 lamp H-UV on perfecting + 2 lamps interdeck H-UV) 
  • Powder Spray
  • Sheet decurler
  • Interphone on feeder/delivery
  • Parise PHV7.5/EC06-10 Compressor with tank 500lt + valve
  • Machine prepared for elevation 300 mm. excluded plinth         
  • Approx. 45 million impressions

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