2012 KBA 106-5+L CX SIS FAPC

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: KBA

Machine: 106-5+L CX SIS FAPC

Year: 2012

Availability: Immediately

Colors: N/A

Impressions: 140 million

Coater: Yes

Sheet Size: 740 x 1060mm

  • Control unit: ErgoTronic Professional including ColorTronic and ErgoTronic color control system
  • Quality Control: QualiTronic LiveView- real time view of each printed sheet
  • Measuring System: QualiTronic Color Control (Inline color measurement and regulation system)
  • QualiTronic KBA color bars 2012
  • Wallscreen
  • KBA DriveTronic feeder
  • Nonstop feeder
  • Ultra Sonic double sheet control
  • Electromechanical double sheet control
  • Anti-static for infeed
  • SIS infeed system (Sensoric Infeed System)
  • Anilox coater with chamber doctor blade
  • FAPC (Fully Automatic Plate Changers) including pneumatic plate bender gallery
  • VariDamp dampening system
  • Washing Device: CleanTronic- combined blanket, impression cylinder and roller wash
  • Ink temperature control
  • Delivery Type: KBA AIrTronic extended delivery ALV2 2400mm)
  • Nonstop delivery
  • KBA VariDry IR/TL
  • Powder Exhaust
  • CX board package
  • Max sheet size: 740 x 1060mm
  • Min sheet size: 340 x 480mm
  • Max print size: 730 x 1050mm
  • Plate size: 795 x 1060mm
  • Stock range: 0.4-1.2mm
  • 18,000/SPH
  • Approx. 140 mil imps

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