2011 Ryobi 925+C

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: Ryobi/RMGT

Machine: 925+C

Year: 2011

Availability: Immediately

Colors: Five

Impressions: 82 Million

Coater: Yes

Sheet Size: 640mm X 920mm

  • RPC Semi-Automatic Plate Change
  • Paper size preset
  • Paper pressure preset
  • Ryobi PCS-G printing control system
  • PDS-E spectrophotometer on console
  • IVS- Ink Volume Setting
  • CIP 3/CIP 4 capable
  • Ryobimatic D continuous dampening system
  • Ink temperature control
  • Auto roller wash
  • Auto blanket wash
  • Auto impression cylinder wash
  • Ink oscillating form rollers
  • Anilox coating unit
  • IR dryer with hot air
  • Extended delivery
  • UV drying in the delivery (Grafix)
  • Approx. 82 mil imps
  • Max sheet size 640mm X 920mm

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