2009 KBA Rapida 106-8 SW4+L CX SPC ALV2

2009 KBA Rapida 106-8 SW4+L CX SPC ALV2

Here is an opportunity to get into a high spec, fully automated KBA long perfector for half the price of new. This machine is available immediately.

Manufacturer: KBA

Machine: RA106-8 SW4+L SPC CX ALV2

Year: 2001 - 2016

Sheet Size: 29x41"

Colors: Eight

Impressions: 150 Million+

Coater: Yes

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Varidamp dampening
Drivetronic SPC (Simultaneous Plate Change)
Full automatic plate changer (FAPC)
Plate Indent
Qualitronic Professional
Qualitronic ColorControl
ACR Control (video register system)
Ergotronic console
Colortronic remote controlled inking

Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic
Ink-roller washing device - automatic
Blanket washing device - automatic
Double sheet detection - electronic
DriveTronic Feeder
Non-stop feeder
Powder exhauster KBA
Powder sprayer WEKO AP 262
Extended delivery 2400mm
High-pile delivery

Non-stop Delivery
IR-Dryer VariDry
Perfecting 8:0/4:4
Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system Harris & Bruno
Water cooled peripherals
Cooling and recirculation Baldwin Combiliner
Ink unit temperature control Baldwin Combiliner
Antistatic device Kersten
CX Version (Board equipment)
SIS infeed

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