APT has done it again… and again.   When it comes to a complex move, precision and detail are crucial for success.  APT has the know-how to accomplish relocations of large format presses set-up in demanding locations.  The scene is downtown Manhattan in a building of classic brick facade. Traffic, both foot and street,  are an obstacle to consider.  The relocation involved not one but two printing presses. To add to the complexity, the shop housing the presses is located on the sixth floor. This required a crane, a permit from the City of New York to block the street, master riggers with specialized expertise and equipment and a great deal of precision. Fred Goldwyn, Advanced Print Technologies VP of Sales, describes the removal of the two presses as traffic stopping, literally.  “People were stopping to video the crane on their phones.  It’s not something you witness every day.  These are incredibly heavy presses, the delivery units alone weigh up to 20,000 pounds.  Watching them being taken out of a window with barely enough of an opening to clear the largest components from the sixth floor of a downtown building in Manhattan is really a sight to behold. I’ve been in this industry 36 years and this will definitely stick in my memory bank.” 

Both presses are being shipped out of country; 

The 2006 Heidelberg XL 105, a 5 color press with Coater is destined for Puerto Rico. 

The 2004 KBA 8 color,  having a 4/4 Perfector with Coater is bound for Guatemala.  

APT is providing the technicians for the relocation,  installation and litho training for the Heidelberg to its new destination. 

 Manhattan Relocation

Fred Goldwyn personally supervised the packing of these sizable presses into containers for shipment to Guatemala.   Meeting the customers needs and goals is key to the commitment APT makes to their clients.  Ownership’s commitment to overseeing the container packing is crucial for the press to arrive in optimal condition.

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